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Opposites: List of 100 Common Opposites in English

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Opposite (or antonym) is a word that means the reverse of a word. In this lesson, you will learn an extensive list of 100 opposites in English from A-Z with the pictures.

What Are Antonyms?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. They can also be called antonym pairs or opposites. They are often used in language to express contrast or to indicate the opposite of a word. They can be single words or phrases and are used in a variety of contexts, including literature, speech, and everyday conversation.

Antonyms can be used to express a wide range of emotions, from happiness and excitement to sadness and disappointment. They can also be used to describe physical characteristics, such as hot and cold, or light and dark. They can also be used to describe abstract concepts, such as good and evil, or right and wrong.

Antonyms can be used to show a contrast between two things or to indicate a change in a situation. They can also be used to make a point more strongly or to add emphasis.

Antonyms can be found in many different forms, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Some examples of common English antonyms include:

  • “big” and “small”
  • “hot” and “cold”
  • “happy” and “sad”
  • “light” and “dark”
  • “up” and “down”
  • “good” and “bad”
  • “begin” and “end”
  • “arrive” and “depart”

List of Opposites 

List of 100 opposite words in English

1. Ability x inability

2. Happy x unhappy

3. Import x export

4. Interior x exterior

5. Maximum x minimum

6. Include x exclude

7. Junior x senior

8. Above x below

9. Majority x minority

10. Optimist x pessimist

11. Superior x inferior

12. Accept x refuse

13. Civilized x uncivilized/savage/barbaric

14. Big x small

15. Acquire x lose

16. Ancient x modern

17. Agree x disagree

18. Alive x dead

19. Barren x fertile

20. Admire x despise

21. Blunt x sharp

22. Bold x timid

23. Bright x dim

24. Broad x narrow

25. Care x neglect

26. Confess x deny

27. Cool x warm

28. Broad x narrow

29. Bold x timid

30. Clean x dirty

31. Cruel x kind

32. Domestic x wild

33. Difficult x easy

34. Dangerous x safe

35. Dark x bright

36. Death x birth

37. Debit x credit

38. Early x late

39. Earn x spend

40. Empty x full

41. False x true

42. Guilty x innocent

43. Fine x coarse

44. Freedom x slavery

45. Fat x thin

46. Foolish x wise

47. Fresh x stale

48. Fear x courage

49. Guilty x innocent

50. Gain x loss

51. Good x bad

52. High x low

53. Humble x proud/arrogant

54. Honour x dishonour

55. Joy x sorrow

56. Knowledge x ignorance

57. Kind x cruel

58. Lie x truth

59. Little x much

60. Masculine x feminine

61. Make x mar/break

62. Natural x artificial

63. Noise x silence

64. Oral x written

65. Pride/arrogance x humility

66. Permanent x temporary

67. Presence x absence

68. Profit x loss

69. Prose x poetry

70. Quick x slow

71. Receive x give

72. Reject x accept

73. Ripe x raw

74. Rough x smooth

75. Remember x forget

76. Rich x poor

77. Sharp x dull

78. Tragedy x comedy

79. General x particular

80. Victory x defeat

81. Wild x domestic/tame

82. Weak x strong

83. Wisdom x folly

84. Youth x aged

85. Give x take

86. Laugh x cry

87. Smile x frown

88. Buy x sell

89. Here x there

90. This x that

91. Never x always

92. Stop x start

93. Wrong x right

94. Tight x loose

95. Love x hate

96. Throw x catch

97. Yes x no

98.  Forward x backward

99.  Stand x sit

100. Lost x found

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Opposites: List of 100 Common Opposites in English

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