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100 Creative Ways to Say YES

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Learn the useful list of creative ways to say YES in English. The word “yes” can be interpreted in so many different ways, depending on your context, tone, and word choice. When someone asks you “Do you have …?”, “Can you … “, “Will you …?”,  how do you respond to these questions? The word “yes” is a term that can be used. But there are many words & phrases to use instead of Yes.

Basic Affirmatives

When it comes to saying “yes,” there are a few basic affirmatives that we can use. These are simple and straightforward ways to give a positive response to a question or request. Here are some of the most common basic affirmatives:

Simple Yes

The simplest way to say “yes” is just to say “yes.” This is a clear and concise response that leaves no room for confusion. If someone asks if we want to do something or if we agree with something, a simple “yes” is a great way to show our enthusiasm and agreement.


Another common affirmative is “sure.” This is a slightly more casual way of saying “yes,” but it still conveys a positive response. “Sure” is often used when we want to show that we are happy to do something or agree with something, but we don’t want to seem too formal or serious.


If we want to emphasize our agreement or enthusiasm, we can use “absolutely.” This affirmative is a bit stronger than “yes” or “sure,” and it shows that we are fully committed to whatever we are agreeing to. “Absolutely” is a great choice when we want to show our support or excitement.


Finally, “definitely” is another strong affirmative that shows our complete agreement or commitment. This word is often used when we are very sure about something and want to make that clear. “Definitely” is a great way to show that we are fully on board with whatever is being proposed.

In summary, there are several basic affirmatives that we can use to say “yes” in a clear and positive way. Whether we choose to use “yes,” “sure,” “absolutely,” or “definitely,” these affirmatives are all great ways to show our agreement and enthusiasm.

Different Ways to Say YES

1. Yep

2. No problem!

3. Yeah

4. Sure

5. Definitely

6. Naturally

7. You bet!

8. Of course

9. OK

10. Okie dokie

11. Affirmative

12. Aye aye

13. Roger

14. Uh-huh

15. Very well

16. Yup

17. Yuppers

18. Right on

19. Ja

20. Surely

21. Totally

22. Yes sir

23. Indubitably

24. Yay

25. And how!

26. K

27. Alright

28. Alrighty

29. Sounds good

30. For sure

31. Sure thing

32. Certainly

33. Gladly

34. Forsooth

35. Absolutely

36. Indeed

37. Undoubtedly

38. By all means

39. I will

40. Yes, it was!

41. Sure was!

42. Wasn’t it just!

43. Yes, what is it?

44. Yes, what can I do for you?

45. You called?

46. Ace!

47. Brilliant!

48. Cool!

49. Hell, yes!

50. That’s right

51. I don’t mind if I do

52. You’re on

53. Yeah. I agree with you.

54. Sure, no problem.

55. Mm-Hmm!

56. Amen

57. Okay

58. Beyond a doubt

59. A thousand times, yes!

60. I do!

61. My thoughts exactly!

62. Always

63. Nice

64. Goddamn right

65. I’d love to

66. Why not?

67. Let’s go

68. Mhmm

69. True dat

70. It’s on

71. Bring it

72. Please

73. Please do

74. Precisely

75. Great

76. Good

77. Unquestionably

78. Fair enough

79. Permission granted

80. As you wish

81. Your wish is my mand

82. You ain’t kiddin’

83. You got a point, there

84. I hear and obey

85. I shall

86. Yea

87. Verily

88. Sure I can!

89. Even so

90. Good enough

91. Just so

92. Most assuredly

93. Positively

94. Willingly

95. Without fail

96. Totes

97. Ya

98. Fine

99. Exactly

100. Yes

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Different Ways to Say YES

Enthusiastic Approvals

When we want to express enthusiastic approvals, we have a variety of ways to say yes. Here are some of our favorite ways to show our excitement:


When we want to show complete agreement and excitement, we can use the word “absolutely.” This word conveys a strong sense of enthusiasm and certainty. For example, if someone asks us if we want to go to a concert, we might reply, “Absolutely! I love that band!”

You Bet

Another way to show enthusiastic approval is to use the phrase “you bet.” This phrase is a bit more casual and playful than “absolutely,” but it still conveys a sense of excitement and eagerness. For example, if someone asks us if we want to grab dinner later, we might reply, “You bet! I’m starving.”

Of Course

Finally, we can use the phrase “of course” to show enthusiastic approval in a more polite and formal way. This phrase conveys a sense of respect and deference, while still showing excitement and agreement. For example, if someone asks us if we can help them move, we might reply, “Of course! We’d be happy to help.”

In conclusion, when we want to show enthusiastic approval, we have a variety of ways to say yes. Whether we use “absolutely,” “you bet,” or “of course,” we can convey our excitement and eagerness to participate in whatever activity or event is being proposed.

Polite Confirmations

When we want to say “yes” in a polite and affirmative way, we can use certain expressions that convey our agreement in a courteous manner. Here are some examples of polite confirmations that we can use in different situations:


Certainly” is a polite way of saying “yes” that emphasizes our willingness to comply with a request or offer. We can use it to show that we are happy to help or to accept an invitation. For example:

  • A: “Would you like to join us for dinner tonight?”
  • B: “Certainly, that sounds great. What time should I come?”
  • A: “Could you please send me the report by tomorrow morning?”
  • B: “Certainly, I’ll get it done as soon as possible.”


Indeed” is a formal way of saying “yes” that emphasizes our agreement with a statement or observation. We can use it to show that we acknowledge a fact or a point of view. For example:

  • A: “The new project is going to be challenging, but also rewarding.”
  • B: “Indeed, I think it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our skills.”
  • A: “The weather forecast predicts heavy rain for the next few days.”
  • B: “Indeed, we should prepare for some wet conditions and adjust our plans accordingly.”

Quite So

Quite So” is a polite way of saying “yes” that emphasizes our understanding and confirmation of a statement or a question. We can use it to show that we agree with a point that has been made. For example:

  • A: “I believe we should focus on quality rather than quantity in this project.”
  • B: “Quite so, I think that’s a wise decision that will benefit us in the long run.”
  • A: “Do you think we should schedule a meeting to discuss the budget?”
  • B: “Quite so, I think it would be helpful to review our financial situation and make some adjustments if necessary.”

These are just a few examples of polite confirmations that we can use to say “yes” in a courteous and respectful way. By using these expressions, we can show our agreement and cooperation while maintaining a friendly and professional tone.

Informal Agreements

When it comes to informal agreements, there are a variety of ways to say “yes” that are commonly used in everyday conversation. Here are a few of the most popular:


“Yeah” is a casual way to say “yes” that is often used in informal settings. It can be used to show agreement, enthusiasm, or simply to acknowledge what someone has said. For example:

  • “Do you want to grab a bite to eat?” – “Yeah, that sounds good.”


“Yup” is another informal way to say “yes” that is often used in casual conversation. It is similar to “yeah” in that it is used to show agreement or acknowledgement. For example:

  • “Did you finish that project?” – “Yup, it’s all done.”


“Uh-huh” is a more informal way to say “yes” that is often used in conversation when someone is agreeing with what is being said. It can also be used to show interest or encouragement. For example:

  • “I’m thinking of taking a trip to Europe.” – “Uh-huh, that sounds like a great idea.”

Overall, these informal ways of saying “yes” are great for casual conversation and can help to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


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