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100 Powerful Ways to Say GOOD JOB in English

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Learn 100 ways to say GOOD JOB in English: You’re on the right track now! You’ve got it made; Superb! or that’s right!


Here is the list of 100 alternative phrases to say instead of good job or very good:

  • You’re on the right track now!
  • You’ve got it made.
  • That’s right!
  • That’s good.
  • I’m very proud of you.
  • You’re really working hard today.
  • You are very good at that.
  • That’s coming along nicely.
  • Good work!
  • I’m happy to see you working like that.
  • That’s much, much better!
  • Exactly right.
  • I’m proud of the way you worked today.
  • You’re doing that much better today.
  • You’ve just about got it.
  • That’s the best you’ve ever done.
  • You’re doing a good job.
  • That’s it!
  • Now you’ve figured it out.
  • That’s quite an improvement.
  • Great!
  • I knew you could do it.
  • Congratulations!
  • Not bad.
  • Keep working on it.
  • You’re improving.
  • Now you have it!
  • You are learning fast.
  • Good for you!
  • Couldn’t have done it better myself.
  • Aren’t you proud of yourself?
  • One more time and you’ll have it.
  • You really make my job fun.
  • That’s the right way to do it.
  • You’re getting better every day.
  • You did it that time!
  • That’s not half bad.
  • Nice going.
  • You haven’t missed a thing!
  • Wow!
  • That’s the way!
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Terrific!
  • Nothing can stop you now.
  • That’s the way to do it.
  • Sensational!
  • You’ve got your brain in gear today.
  • That’s better.
  • That was first class work.
  • Excellent!
  • That’s the best ever.
  • You’ve just about mastered it.
  • Perfect!
  • That’s better than ever.
  • Much better!
  • Wonderful!
  • You must have been practicing.
  • You did that very well.
  • Fine!
  • Nice going.
  • You’re really going to town.
  • Outstanding!
  • Fantastic!
  • Tremendous!
  • That’s how to handle that.
  • Now that’s what I call a fine job.
  • That’s great.
  • Right on!
  • You’re really improving.
  • You’re doing beautifully!
  • Superb!
  • Good remembering.
  • You’ve got that down pat.
  • You certainly did well today.
  • Keep it up!
  • Congratulations. You got it right!
  • You did a lot of work today.
  • Well look at you go.
  • That’s it.
  • I like knowing you.
  • Marvelous!
  • I like that.
  • Way to go!
  • Now you have the hang of it.
  • You’re doing fine!
  • Good thinking.
  • You are really learning a lot.
  • Good going.
  • I’ve never seen anyone do it better.
  • Keep on trying.
  • You outdid yourself today!
  • Good for you!
  • I think you’ve got it now.
  • That’s a good (boy/girl).
  • Good job, (person’s name).
  • You figured that out fast.
  • You remembered!
  • That’s really nice.
  • That kind of work makes me happy.

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Ways to Say GOOD JOB



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