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100+ Delightful Ways to Say THANK YOU in English

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In this lesson, we will be exploring various ways to say “thank you” in English. Saying “thank you” is a polite and courteous way to show appreciation and gratitude for something or someone. It is a simple yet powerful phrase that can be used in many different situations. In this lesson, we will discuss different ways to say “thank you” in formal and informal settings, as well as in different cultures and languages.

Formal Ways to Say Thank You

List of Formal Ways to Say Thank You

  1. Thank you very much
  2. I am greatly appreciative
  3. My sincerest thanks
  4. I am deeply grateful
  5. I extend my heartfelt thanks
  6. I am much obliged
  7. I cannot thank you enough
  8. My sincere appreciation
  9. I am in your debt
  10. My warmest gratitude
  11. I am forever grateful
  12. I am greatly indebted to you
  13. I am beholden to you
  14. My profound thanks
  15. I am eternally grateful
  16. I’m grateful for your assistance

How to Use them Correctly

When using formal ways to say thank you, it is important to consider the context of the situation and the relationship with the person you are thanking.

  • Use the appropriate level of formality: Choose a phrase that is appropriate for the level of formality of the situation. For example, “Thank you very much” would be appropriate in a formal business setting, while “Many thanks” would be more appropriate in a less formal setting.
  • Be specific: If possible, mention the specific help or action that you are thanking the person for. For example, “I am grateful for your assistance in resolving the issue” is more specific than simply saying “Thank you.”
  • Be sincere: Make sure that your words come from a place of genuine gratitude and not just politeness.
  • Use the appropriate tone of voice and body language: Your tone of voice and body language should match the formality of the words you are using.
  • Timing: In general, it’s always a good idea to express your gratitude as soon as possible after the event, but in formal settings, it may be more appropriate to send a written thank-you note or email.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Respect the cultural context of the situation. Greeting and expressing gratitude may have different cultural nuances and it is important to understand and respect them.

Informal Ways to Say Thank You

List of Informal Ways to Say Thank You

  1. Thanks a ton!
  2. Cheers!
  3. Much appreciated.
  4. I owe you one.
  5. Thanks a million.
  6. Thanks a bunch.
  7. Thanks a heap.
  8. Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks a bunch of grapes
  10. Thanks a million billion.

How to Use them Correctly

Informal ways to say thank you are typically used in casual or friendly situations, such as among friends, family, or in casual workplaces. They can be used to express gratitude for small favors or acts of kindness.

When using informal expressions to say “thank you,” it’s important to use the appropriate tone of voice and body language to convey sincerity. For example, saying “Thanks a ton!” with a big smile and a genuine tone of voice can convey a sense of warmth and appreciation, while saying it with a monotone voice and a neutral expression may come across as insincere.

It’s also important to consider the context and the person you are speaking to. Some informal expressions may be more appropriate in certain situations or with certain people than others. For example, using “Cheers!” to say “thank you” to a close friend may be appropriate, but using it in a professional setting or with someone you don’t know well may not be.

Idiomatic Ways to Say Thank You

  1. I can’t thank you enough.
  2. My gratitude knows no bounds.
  3. You have my eternal thanks.
  4. I’m in your debt.
  5. You have my undying gratitude.
  6. You have my heartfelt thanks.
  7. I’m forever grateful.
  8. You have my deepest appreciation.
  9. You have my sincere thanks.
  10. You have my profound gratitude.

These idiomatic expressions are more formal or poetic ways to express gratitude, they are less common in everyday conversation. They are often used to express deep appreciation for someone’s actions or kind deeds. They are best used in written forms such as letters, emails, or speeches, or in formal situations such as thanking someone for a significant act of kindness or a special occasion.

Professional Ways to Say Thank You

  1. Thank you for your time and effort.
  2. Thank you for your assistance.
  3. I appreciate your help.
  4. I am grateful for your support.
  5. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  6. Thank you for your valuable contributions.
  7. I am indebted to you for your support.
  8. Thank you for your prompt attention.
  9. I want to express my gratitude for your cooperation.
  10. I am extremely grateful for your expertise in this matter.

These professional ways to say “thank you” are more formal and polite, and often used in a business or work setting. They are appropriate for thanking colleagues, supervisors, clients or customers, vendors or suppliers, and others you may interact with in a professional context. They are meant to be polite and courteous, but also clear and direct. These phrases can be used in emails, letters, or in person to express appreciation for the assistance, support, or other contributions that help in achieving a goal or task.

Ways to Respond to “Thank You”

  1. You’re welcome
  2. No problem.
  3. No worries
  4. Don’t mention it.
  5. My pleasure.
  6. Anytime.
  7. Sure!
  8. Glad to help.
  9. It was the least I could do…
  10. Not at all
  11. That’s all right
  12. It’s no bother.
  13. I’m happy to help
  14. It’s nothing.

Ways to Say THANK YOU in Specific Situations

Saying “Thank You” to Your Teacher

  • Thank you I really appreciate your help.
  • I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve taught me.
  • Teachers like you are not easy to find.
  • I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done to help me.
  • I am grateful for the positive learning environment you provided me with.
  • I have learnt so much, thanks to you.
  • Thank you for your guidance and support.
  • Your approach to teaching inspires me.
  • Thank you for being patient and helping me improve.
  • I wholeheartedly appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
  • You’re the best teacher ever!…

Saying “Thank You” in Formal Business

  • Thank you very much; your support is greatly appreciated.
  • We would like to express our gratitude.
  • I am most grateful for your support.
  • Thank you once again for everything you’ve done.
  • How kind you are to help me. Thank you very much.
  • Many thanks for your assistance in our project.
  • Many thanks for your letter/email.
  • I am very thankful that you are considering my problem.
  • Thank you for your kind consideration.
  • ….

Saying “Thank You” at A Wedding

  • Thank you for coming.
  • Thank you for joining us today.
  • We really appreciate your presence here.
  • Thank you for the gift, we’re very grateful.
  • I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift.
  • We will remember this day and your contribution forever.
  • Thank you ever so much for your generous gift.
  • Words cannot describe how grateful we are.
  • I’m very happy to be a part of your celebrations.

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30+ Delightful Ways to Say THANK YOU in English

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