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30+ Expressions with MIND in English with Useful Examples

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Learn Idioms and Expressions with MIND in English.

Expressions with MIND

The following idioms and expressions are built around the word “mind”.

1. Be in two minds about sth 

Meaning: to be undecided about something

2. Bear sth in mind/ bear in mind (that)

Meaning: To remember; to consider; to note.

3. Blow someone’s mind

Meaning: To astonish someone, to flabbergast someone

4. Change your mind

Meaning: To change your decision

5. Have in mind

Meaning: To consider, to contemplate, to intend.

6. Make up one’s mind

Meaning: To decide, to reach a conclusion.

7. Never mind

Meaning: It is not important; do not fret; used to reassure or comfort the person to whom it is said.

8. On your mind

Meaning: To be worrying you

9. Out of sight, out of mind.

Meaning: When something is not nearby, it is forgotten about.

10. Slip your mind

Meaning: To be forgotten (Especially events)

11. Speak your mind

Meaning: To say what you think about something directly

12. Give someone a piece of your mind

Meaning: To express one’s opinion strongly; to voice one’s disagreement or dissatisfaction, especially with another person; to scold or rebuke someone.

13. Mind goes blank

Meaning: This is when you forget everything and can’t form a single thought.

14. My mind is made up

Meaning: This means you have already made your choice and implies that you are not open to changing your decision.

15. I have a lot on my mind

Meaning: Speaking of stress, if you have a lot of thoughts, concerns, and worries in your head

16. Takes a load off my mind

Meaning: When you see or hear something that relieves or eliminates one of your worries

17. Put my mind at ease

Meaning: Another way to talk about relief of worries

18. Peace of mind

Meaning: A calm, untroubled emotional state

19. A one-track mind

Meaning: If they tend to think about or focus on one subject all the time

20. (all) great minds run in the same channel

Meaning: Wise or intelligent people tend to have the same ideas or think in a similar way.

21. Great minds think alike

Meaning: A phrase used when one has the same thought or idea as someone else.

22. Cast one’s mind back

Meaning: Think about a specific time in the past/ make an effort to remember

23. Cross one’s mind/It never crossed my mind to

Meaning: I never thought about (normally in relation to a solution to a problem)

24. Have half a mind to

Meaning: To be considering doing something (normally something you’re not going to do)

25. Run through one’s mind

Meaning: Something you’re constantly thinking about

26. A meeting of the minds

Meaning: Group of experts meeting to discuss something

27. In a frame of mind

Meaning: In a mental condition

28. No one in their right mind would

Meaning: No sane person would

29. Mind-boggling

Meaning: So big/ complex that it’s difficult to comprehend

30. A mind of own

Meaning: The propensity or ability to think, act, or form opinions without outside influence.

31. Turn over in mind

Meaning: To think about something.

32. Close your mind

Meaning: Unwilling or unable to consider new ideas, proposals, etc.

33. Flash into mind

Meaning: To enter one’s mind for an instant.

34. Have a mind like a steel trap

Meaning: To be albe to understand or grasp information quickly.

35. Mind your own business

Meaning: Which asks for a respect of other people’s privacy. It can mean that a person should stop meddling in what does not concern that person, etc.

36. Time out of mind

Meaning: The distant past beyond anyone’s memory Or A lengthy duration of time, longer than is readily remembered.

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