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40 Common Phrasal Verbs in English

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Phrasal verb is a type of verb phrase that may not have literal meaning. Common Phrasal verbs in English tend to be idioms and are often avoided in formal writing.

Common Phrasal Verbs in English

  • Act up  

MeaningBehave or function improperly

  • Add up

Meaning: Make sense

  • Ask out

MeaningInvite on a date

  • Ask over  

MeaningInvite to one’s home

  • Back down 

MeaningStop defending your opinion in a debate

  • Back out  

MeaningNot keep (a promise, agreement, deal)

  • Back up 

MeaningGive support/ move backwards, reverse

  • Bawl out     

Meaning: Criticize, reprimand (inf.)

  • Blow in

MeaningVisit unexpectedly

  • Blow over   

MeaningPass without creating a problem

  • Blow up 

MeaningExplode/ suddenly become very angry

  • Break down      

MeaningAnalyze in detail

  • Break in           

Meaning: Interrupt

  • Break out

MeaningEnd something

  • Break up      

MeaningBreak into pieces/ disperse/ stop/ end a relationship

  • Bring about        

MeaningCause to happen

  • Bring off            

Meaningsucceed at something difficult or unexpected

  • Bring on

Meaningcause something

  • Bring up   

Meaningmention/ raise

  • Burn up     

Meaningbe hot/ consume, destroy by fire

  • Call off

Meaningcancel something/ order to stop

  • Call on 

Meaningvisit/ invite someone to speak in a meeting or a classroom

  • Call up


  • Calm down         

Meaningmake someone relax

  • Catch on

Meaningslowly start to understand

  • Catch up  

Meaningmake up for lost time

  • Check back 

Meaningreturn to see if everything is OK

  • Check for            

Meaningtry to find

  • Check out  

Meaninginvestigate, take a look at/ leave a hotel, hospital

  • Check up on       

Meaning: investigate someone or something

  • Check with 

Meaningask a person for confirmation

  • Check over     

Meaning: closely examine the condition of something

  • Cheer up    

Meaningbecome cheerful/ make someone feel cheerful

  • Chew up     

Meaningchew into small pieces

  • Clean up   


  • Clear out         


  • Dress up          

Meaningwear a costume or style of clothing/ improve the appearance

  • Drop out 

Meaning: quit a class/school

  • Eat out

Meaningeat at a restaurant

  • Fall down       

Meaningget depressed/fail

Common Phrasal Verbs in English | Image

Common Phrasal Verbs in English

Common Phrasal Verbs in English


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