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50+ Common Collocations with TAKE with Useful Examples

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In the English language, collocation refers to a natural combination of words that are closely affiliated with each other. Below is the list of 50+ common collocations with TAKE in English you should learn.

Collocations with TAKE

List of Collocations with TAKE

  • take a break
  • take a seat
  • take a walk
  • take a nap
  • take a shower
  • take a picture
  • take a test
  • take a chance
  • take a look
  • take a turn
  • take a step
  • take a sip
  • take a bite
  • take a breath
  • take a stand
  • take a vacation
  • take a leave
  • take a class
  • take a course
  • take a flight
  • take a trip
  • take a taxi
  • take a bus
  • take a train
  • take a boat
  • take a drive
  • take a ride
  • take a lead
  • take a loss
  • take a risk
  • take a responsibility
  • take a decision
  • take a charge
  • take a toll
  • take a blame
  • take a compliment
  • take a criticism
  • take a note
  • take a message
  • take a measurement
  • take a temperature
  • take a pulse
  • take a blood
  • take a sample
  • take a survey
  • take a rest
  • take a medicine
  • take an account

Collocations with TAKE

Collocations with TAKE with Examples

Here is the list of useful collocations with TAKE in English with example sentences.

Take (sb) To court

E.g. They wouldn’t honour their contract, so we took them to court.

Take (sb’s) Temperature

E.g. After my temperature was taken, my blood pressure was checked.

Take a bite

E.g. Do you want to take a bite into this Apple?

Take a bow

E.g. During the show, I could barely take a bow.

Take a break

E.g. Let’s take a short break.

Take a call

E.g. I’m sorry, but I have to take this call.

Take a chance

E.g. Take a chance at it. You might win.

Take a class

E.g. I have to take a class on Saturdays this semester.

Take a decision (make)

E.g. You have to take lots of decisions in life.

Take a holiday

E.g. I’m going to take a holiday  in June. I’m going to Spain.

Take a lesson

E.g. I’m talking English lessons to help me prepare for the IELTS

Take a look

E.g. I’ll take a look at the website and let you know what I think.

Take a message

E.g. Debra’s not here just now. Can I take a message?

Take a nap

E.g. The baby takes a nap every day at 2 pm.

Take a number

E.g. I think it will take a number of months for this to play out.

Take a photo/ a photograph

E.g. Why did you take so many photos on holiday?

Take a picture

E.g. Could I take a picture of you?

Take a rest

E.g. After work, I like to take a rest before cooking dinner.

Take a risk

E.g. Mountaineers take many risks when they climb high mountains.

Take a seat

E.g. I walked into her office and she told me to take a seat.

Take a shower (have)

E.g. We’ll be leaving in five minutes. I’ll just take a shower first.

Take a step (1)

E.g. If you take another step, I’ll shoot you.

Take a step (2)

E.g. You’ve taken an important step on the road to recovery.

Take a taxi/bus/train/plane

E.g. Richard takes a taxi to work every day.

Take A test

E.g. Have you taken your driving test yet?

Take a while/ a minute/ five minutes

E.g. Take a minute to read the question before answering it.

Take action

E.g. If we don’t take action soon, it’ll be too late.

Take advantage (of)

E.g. We take advantage of that.

Take advice

E.g. I took my doctor’s advice and stopped drinking alcohol.

Take ages

E.g. Finding a parking spot in the city takes ages.

Take an exam/ a test/ a course

E.g. I’m going to take a Maths exam next week.

Take an opportunity

E.g. It was a very difficult decision, leaving Leicester, but I had to take an opportunity that doesn’t come round often.

Take care

E.g. Take care, won’t you? It can be dangerous around here at night.

Take care of

E.g. Who’s taking care of your pets while you’re away?

Take charge

E.g. Who’ll take charge if the mayor is sent to prison?

Take charge (of)

E.g. He decided to take charge of the whole meal.

Take drugs

E.g. Lots of young people were taking drugs like marijuana in the sixties.

Take exercise

E.g. My doctor says I should take more exercise.

Take hostage

E.g. Several foreign workers were taken hostage by rebel fighters.

Take medicine

E.g. Has grandpa taken his medicine yet?

Take notes

E.g. If I don’t take notes, I forget too many important details.

Take notice

E.g. Don’t take any notice of what he says. It’s all nonsense.

Take part

E.g. During the debate, those taking part will be sitting on the stage.

Take place

E.g. Where did the meeting take place?

Take pride in

E.g. You should take pride in the fact that your English is improving.

Take prisoner

E.g. After the battle was over, we took hundreds of enemy soldiers prisoner.

Take sb’s place

E.g. If a player’s injured, another player takes his place in the team.

Take someone’s temperature

E.g. I took my temperature and I found that Iam running a fever.

Take time

E.g. Changing the way people think takes time, so you have to be patient.

Take time of (away form work for holidays or to do sth)

E.g. I’m exhausted. I think I’ll take some time off and spend a few days with my sister in the countryside.

Take turns

E.g. If we take turns driving, we can travel all night.

Take up space

E.g. Most of the space on my hard disk is taken up by movie files.

Take your time

E.g. There’s no time limit, so you can take your time.

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Collocations with TAKE

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