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Misspelled Words: 50 Common Phrases You Might Not Know You’ve Been Saying Incorrectly |

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Misspelled words! Many of the mispronounced or misspelled versions of our everyday expressions make some kind of sense and are understandable mistakes. In this lesson, you will learn list of 50 common phrases you might not know you’ve been saying incorrectly! and how to get commonly misspelled words right!

Common Phrases That You’re Saying Wrong | Misspelled Words

Incorrect: No pain, no game

Correct: No pain, no gain


Incorrect: Two peas in a pot

Correct: Two peas in a pod


Incorrect:. Conversating

Correct: Conversing


Incorrect: Scotch free and Scott free

Correct: Scot free


Incorrect: I made a complete 360 degree change in my life.

Correct: I made a complete 180 degree change in my life.


Incorrect: Right off the back

Correct: Right off the bat


Incorrect: Piece of quiet

Correct: Peace and quiet


Incorrect: Curl up in the feeble position

Correct: Curl up in the fetal position


Incorrect: Phase

Correct: Faze


Incorrect: Ghost is clear.

Correct: Coast is clear.


Incorrect: Global warning

Correct: Global warming


Incorrect: Hone in

Correct: Home in


Incorrect: Brother in laws

Correct: Brothers-in-law


Incorrect: Rest to sure, everything is fine.

Correct: Rest assured, everything is fine.


Incorrect: Chester drawers

Correct: Chest of drawers


Incorrect: Point of you

Correct: Point of view


Incorrect: Warshing machine

Correct: Washing machine


Incorrect: Suppository of information

Correct: Repository of information


Incorrect: Fall by the waste side

Correct: Fall by the wayside


Incorrect: Circumvent the globe

Correct: Circumnavigate the globe


Incorrect: Self-depreciating

Correct: Self-deprecating


Incorrect: Escape goat

Correct: Scapegoat


Incorrect: Nipped it the butt.

Correct: Nipped in the bud.


Incorrectcould care less.

Correctcouldn’t care less.


Incorrect: For all intensive purposes

CorrectFor all intents and purposes


Incorrect: One in the same

CorrectOne and the same


Incorrect: You’ve got another thing coming.

CorrectYou’ve got another think coming.


Incorrect: Could of, should of

CorrectCould have, should have


Incorrect: By purpose, on accident

CorrectOn purpose, by accident


Incorrect: Each one worse than the next.

CorrectEach one worse than the last.


Incorrect: Statue of limitations

CorrectStatute of limitations


Incorrect: Slight of hand

CorrectSleight of hand


Incorrect: Wet your appetite

CorrectWhet your appetite


Incorrect: He did good.

CorrectHe did well.


Incorrect: Extract revenge

CorrectExact revenge


Incorrect: Plead the fifth

CorrectTake the fifth


Incorrect: [Some person] and myself

Correct:  [Some person] and me, [Some person] and I


Incorrect: All-timer’s disease

CorrectAlzheimer’s Disease


Incorrect: I’m giving you leadway.

CorrectI’m giving you leeway.


Incorrect: Aks



Incorrect: What’s your guyses opinion?

CorrectWhat’s your opinion, guys?


Incorrect: Waiting on

CorrectWaiting for


Incorrect: Play it by year

CorrectPlay it by ear


Incorrect: Expresso



Incorrect: Momento



Incorrect: Old wise tale

CorrectOld wives tale


Incorrect: Lip sing

CorrectLip sync


Incorrect: Irregardless



Incorrect: Sorta

CorrectSort of

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Misspelled Words | Common Phrases That You're Saying Wrong