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60+ Alternative Ways to Say GOODBYE in English

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How many ways do you know to say “goodbye” in English? Here are many alternative ways to say goodbye and see which ones you like the most.

Alternative Ways to Say GOODBYE

Informal ways to say GOODBYE in English

1. So long

2. See you later

3. Be seein’ you

4. Take it easy

5. Bye

6. Bye-bye

7. See you

8. Bye now

9. Be good

10. Catch you

11. See you again

12. See you around

13. See you soon

14. Take care

15. Bye for now

16. Be seeing you

17. I’ll be seeing you

18. Come whenever you can

19. I enjoyed seeing you again

20. Drop in again

21. I’ll see you

22. Be careful

23. Be careful

24. Goodbye

25. See you tomorrow

26. We’ll see you

27. Farewell

28. Later

29. Hurry back

30. See you later

31. Come again

32. Good day

33. We’ll be seein’s you

34. Talk to you later

35. Behave yourself

36. Come back

37. Till we meet again

38. Have fun

39. Bon voyage

40. Glad you called

41. Glad you came

42. Go home with me

43. God be with you

44. God bless you

45. You take care

46. Have a good trip

47. Have a nice day

48. Have a safe trip

49. It’s been fun

50. It’s nice to see you

51. See you in my dreams

52. See you round

53. See you some more

54. See you sometime

55. Take it easy now

56. Take it slow

57. I’m gone

58. Don’t forget me

59. Don’t work too hard

60. Bye, dear

61. It’s getting late and I have got to go

62. I’m off

63. I must be going

64. Keep in touch

65. Say hello to your family for me

66. It was nice meeting you 

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Alternative Ways to Say GOODBYE


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