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60+ Common Prepositional Phrases with AT in English

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A prepositional phrase includes a preposition, its object, and any modifiers of the object. Below is the list of 60+ common prepositional phrases with AT in English you should learn.

Common Prepositional Phrases with AT

List of Prepositional Phrases with At

  • At the table
  • At the store
  • At school
  • At home
  • At work
  • At the park
  • At the beach
  • At the party
  • At the gym
  • At the airport
  • At the office
  • At the library
  • At the movie theater
  • At the concert
  • At the hospital
  • At the mall
  • At the restaurant
  • At the bus stop
  • At the train station
  • At the hotel

Prepositional Phrases with At with Meanings

1. At a glance

  • Upon cursory examination; an abbreviated review

E.g. At a glance, it seems that he is a nice guy, but upon digging deeper the truth emerges.

2. At a loss

  • Below the cost or price of purchase

E.g. We sold those old computers at a loss.

3. At a loss

  • Not sure; uncertain; lacking further ideas, direction, or ability

E.g. I have fixed the parts I understand, and the rest leaves me at a loss.

4. At a loss for words

  • Having nothing to say; stunned to the point of speechlessness

E.g. She was at a loss for words when she saw the number of people who had come to grieve for her husband.

5. At a moment’s notice

  • Immediately; instantaneously; without need of warning

E.g. The soldiers were ready at a moment’s notice.

6. At a stand

  • In a state of confusion or uncertainty; undecided what to do next

E.g. Now I am quite at a stand.

7. At a stretch

  • In one continuous period of time; at a time

E.g. He worked for fifteen hours at a stretch.

8. At a time

  • In a single, continuous period of time

E.g. He manages to abstain from smoking for weeks at a time, but then gives in and starts again.

9. At all costs

  • Absolutely imperative; sparing no effort

E.g. We have to retain the majority at all costs.

10. At all hours

  • Late into the night or early morning; when people ought to be sleeping

E.g. It’s hard to sleep with the neighbors playing the radio so loud and that dog barking at all hours.

11. At any rate

  • In any case, anyway, anyhow, regardless; used to discard a previous thought

E.g. Jim broke the window — or maybe it was John? At any rate, the window’s broken now.

12. At arm’s length

  • Avoiding a close relationship

E.g. She’s been keeping me at arm’s length all the time. She doesn’t want to get involved.

13. At cost

  • At the purchasing price; without any markup

E.g. I will sell you the apples at cost.

14. At first

  • Initially; at the start

E.g. If at first you don’t succeed, do it like your father told you.

15. At first glance

  • After only a superficial examination or review

E.g. At first glance it seems to be a reasonable idea. But we’ll see.

16. At first sight

  • Superficially, without a full inspection

E.g. It looks like a normal car at first sight. But when we open the hood, we discover something quite new.

17. At full stretch

  • Using maximum resources

E.g. We only just managed to finish on time by working at full stretch since first thing in the morning.

18. At full throttle

  • As fast as physically possible

E.g. Since noon she’s been working at full throttle on the calculations.

19. At full tilt

  • At full speed; very quickly

E.g. Don’t go racing around corners at full tilt or you’ll hit someone.

20. At hand

  • Within easy reach; nearby

E.g. I don’t have the information at hand, but I can look it up.

21. At heart

  • In spirit; according to one’s beliefs, views or feelings; deep down, really, fundamentally

E.g. I’m a vegetarian at heart – the thought of the death of animals for my food is abhorrent

22. At home (1)

  • In one’s place of residence

E.g. Sorry Sir, I left my homework at home

23. At home (2)

  • At ease, comfortable

E.g. I feel at home when I’m round my girlfriend’s house

24. At home (3)

  • In the home of one’s parents

E.g. I can’t believe it, she’s 28 and still lives at home

25. At issue

  • In question; under discussion

E.g. The point at issue is whether we can afford to take on a new employee

26. At large (1)

  • On the loose; roaming freely; not confined

E.g. For a nervous twenty-four hours, three wanted criminals were at large in the city

27. At large (2)

  • In general; as a whole

E.g. Some people support the measure, but the community at large will probably be against it

28. At large (3)

  • Having an electorate across multiple districts

E.g. The city has five city council districts; however, the mayor is elected at large

29. At last (4)

  • After a long time; eventually

E.g. Now that the dog has stopped barking, perhaps we can at last get some rest

30. At last (5)

  • In the end; finally; ultimately

E.g. After all their troubles, at last they lived happily ever after

31. At least

  • At the least; at a minimum or lower limit

E.g. I couldn’t count them all, but I think there must have been at least 500 people in attendance

32. At length

  • For a long time

E.g. He went on at length about his supposed qualifications

33. At length

  • At last, finally

E.g. She led us through the tunnels for some time, until at length we reached a small door in the rock

34. At loose ends

  • In an uncertain position or situation

E.g. I am really at loose ends about this choice; I am between the proverbial rock and hard place

35. At most

  • At the most; at a maximum or upper limit

E.g. There weren’t so many people at the concert – 40 at most

36. At odds

  • In disagreement; conflicting

E.g. The witness’ statement seems to be at odds with the evidence, not a good sign for the prosecutor

37. At once

  • At the same time; simultaneously

E.g. Can you pat your head and rub your belly at once?

38. At once

  • Immediately; now; right away

E.g. Tell the doctor to come at once. She is having a baby

39. At one

  • In harmony or unity

E.g. She felt perfectly at one with nature

40. At one time

  • Formerly

E.g. At one time, I could walk ten miles in a day, but I can’t any longer

41. At one time

  • Simultaneously

E.g. A bigamist has two spouses at one time

42. At pains

  • Making careful effort (to)

E.g. The agency has been at pains to stress that its decisions are still based on sound science

43. At peace

  • Free of worries; peaceful

E.g. Since discovering religion, she’s been at peace in her personal life

44. At peace

  • Dead

E.g. He was unhappy when he was alive, but now he’s at peace

45. At places

  • In some, possibly rare places

E.g. I felt dizzy and fainting at places, but I still made it to the finish line

46. At play

  • Playing, in the process of playing

E.g. There are children at play in the street

47. At rest

  • Not moving; stationary

E.g. At rest, the car is impressive, but when it’s moving, the sight is astounding

48. At risk

  • In a state or condition marked by a high level of risk or vulnerability

E.g. The entire population initially seemed at risk of infection

49. At school

  • At one’s school

E.g. I left my history book at school

50. At sea

  • In a state of confusion or bewilderment

E.g. Most of the class was at sea after the first week

51. At someone’s service

  • Fully available to help or to be of use to someone, or some organisation

E.g. John will be at our service for the duration of the visit

52. At stake

  • At issue, at risk

E.g. Doesn’t he realize that all of our lives are at stake here too?

53. At that

  • In addition to what has been said; furthermore; moreover

E.g. He went to a famous school, and a good one at that

54. At the drop of a hat

  • Without any hesitation; instantly

E.g. If you need help, just call on Mike. He can come at the drop of a hat

55. At the mercy of

  • In the power of, defenceless against

E.g. The ball game is scheduled for Saturday, but we’re still at the mercy of the weather

56. At the ready

  • Ready; in a state of preparation or waiting; in position or anticipation

E.g. The soldiers’ rifles were at the ready

57. At the wheel

  • Driving; in control of a vehicle

E.g. It is a shame, his first day driving and he falls asleep at the wheel

58. At the wheel

  • In control of the situation; in charge

E.g. We were thriving when Bill was at the wheel, but since the new CEO has started things have been going south

59. At this point in time

E.g. While we are not able to assist you at this point in time, we will be sure to call you if an opportunity arises

60. At times

  • On occasion, sometimes

E.g. I feel lonely at times, but then somebody phones, or calls round, and I cheer up again

61. At will

  • At one’s preference; as one sees fit

E.g. I’m writing my book at will – there’s no deadline or minimum word count

62. At work

  • At one’s workplace

E.g. They’ve got a new photocopier at work.

63. At work

  • Working, in the process of doing work

E.g. Don’t interrupt me while I’m at work on my housing project.

64. At worst

  • If the worst possible alternative happens

E.g. It looks like rain, but let’s go out anyway. At worst, we’ll only get wet.

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Prepositional Phrases with AT

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