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Common Collocations with Say, Tell and Ask

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Common Collocations with Say, Tell and Ask

Common Collocations with SAY

Learn useful collocations with SAY in English with examples.

  • say hello  

I rang up just to say hello.

  • say goodbye

She didn’t even say goodbye to her mother.

  • say good morning/ afternoon/ etc.

She called in to Rory’s room to say good morning and then she came downstairs.

  • say something/ nothing        

I want to say something to you in private.

  • say so          

Aunt Sophia was angry and said so in as many words.

  • say a prayer              

I’ll say a prayer for you.

  • say a few words      

With your permission, I’d like to say a few words.

  • say no more                

I will say no more on these matters, important though they are.

  • say for certain/sure                

I can’t say for certain/sure how long I’ll be there.

Common Collocations with SAY

Common Collocations with TELL

Learn common collocations with TELL in English with examples.

  • tell a lie 

He swore by Jupiter not to tell a lie again.

  • tell a story  

I think the song maybe tell a story about you.

  • tell somebody a secret       

I am going to tell you a secret someone told me.

  • tell a joke    

You tell a joke even worse than your father.

  • tell the truth          

She persuaded him to tell the truth.

  • tell the time 

My daughter has just learned to tell the time.

  • tell the difference  

Can you tell the difference between ‘apes’ and ‘monkeys’?

  • tell the future          

No one can tell the future.

  • tell somebody one’s name  

Why won’t you tell me your name?

  • tell somebody the way        

Can you tell me the way out of here?

  • tell someone’s fortune        

This old lady in the apartment next to mine offered to tell my fortune for ten bucks.

Common Collocations with TELL

Common Collocations with ASK

Learn common collocations with ASK in English with examples.

  • ask a question          

Can I ask a question?

  • ask a favour         

May I ask a favour of you?

  • ask the price      

Did you ask the price?

  • ask after somebody              

He always asks after you in his letters.

  • ask the time            

May I ask the time?

  • ask around  

I don’t know if there’s any work, but I’ll ask around for you.

  • ask for something/ somebody     

I would never ask for any favours from her.

Common Collocations with ASK