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Common Expressions with the Word TOUCH in English

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Expressions with the word TOUCH in English! Here is the list of common phrases with the word TOUCH you should learn with their meaning and examples and ESL image.

Expressions with the Word TOUCH

Get in touch (with someone)

  • Meaning: to initiate contact with someone
  • Example: I’ve been trying to get in touch with you all morning. Where have you been?

Lose one’s touch

  • Meaning: lose ability to do something as well as we used to
  • Example: It seems like Mary’s lost her touch with skiing.

Magic touch

  • Meaning: ability to do something excellently
  • Example: My mum has a magic touch when it comes to cooking pasta.

Keep in touch

  • Meaning: stay in contact with someone.
  • Example: I’ve always been trying to keep in touch with schoolmates.

Out of touch

  • Meaning: lack of information or communication.
  • Example: I’m out of touch with Brenda so I couldn’t tell you when she’s coming.

Soft touch

  • Meaning: easy person.
  • Example: Clara is a soft touch. We can always persuade her to babysit for us.


  • Meaning: critical situation.
  • Example: Everything was touch-and-go before John’s operation.

Touch base

  • Meaning: to talk to someone for a while.
  • Example: While we were in Italy, we touched base with some old friends.

Final touch

  • Meaning: final details that complete one’s work.
  • Example: I just need to add final touches to my new vase.

Touch a sore spot (point)

  • Meaning: sensitive matter.
  • Example: We shouldn’t touch a sore spot and ask him about the accident.

Touch a nerve with

  • Meaning: make someone upset.
  • Example: Any talk of raising the cost of oil touches a nerve with citizens.

Lose touch with

  • Meaning: lose contact with someone.
  • Example: Although they lived in different countries, they’ve never lost touch with each other.

Expressions with the Word TOUCH | Image

Expressions with the Word TOUCH