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Common Noun Suffixes in English

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Noun suffixes are a set of morphemes (meaningful units of language) that can be added to the end of a word to create a new noun. These suffixes indicate the function, use, or quality of the noun that they are added to. They can also indicate the category of the noun such as number, gender, or case. Some common noun suffixes in the English language include -ness, -ment, -ity, -ation, -er, -or, -ist, and -ship.

Common Noun Suffixes in English

A suffix is a letter/a group of letters attached to the end of a word to form a new word or to change the grammatical function (part of speech) of the original word.

Noun suffixes are a fundamental aspect of the English language, and they are essential for building vocabulary and expressing complex ideas.

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-acy: state or quality

For examples:

  • accuracy, conspiracy, intimacy…

-al: act or process of

For examples:

  • refusal, arrival, burial, deferral…

-ance, -ence: state or quality of

For examples:

  • reliance, insistence…

-dom: state or place of being

For examples:

  • freedom, boredom, kingdom…

-er, -or: one who

For examples:

  • teacher, worker, director…

-ty: quality of

For examples:

  • cruelty, safety…

-ship: position held

For examples:

  • fellowship, friendship, partnership…

-sion, -tion: state of being

For examples:

  • complication, reduction, population, complexion…

-ing: an act or process, a product or result

For examples:

  • drawing, playing…

-logy: study of

For examples:

  • technology, pathology…

-ment: result, action, state or condition

For examples:

  • amazement, disappointment, parliament…

-ist: one who performs, plays, or operates

For examples:

  • violinist, Physicist…

-ity: quality, condition, degree

For examples:

  • flexibility, sensitivity…

-hood: state or condition, instance, or state of characters

For examples:

  • brotherhood, motherhood, childhood…

-ism: an act, theory, belief or doctrine

For examples:

  • journalism, Marxism…

-ness: a state, quality, or condition

For examples:

  • happiness, goodness, readiness…

Common Noun Suffixes in English | Images

Common Noun Suffixes

Common Noun Suffixes in english

Suffixes -er, -ee

suffixes in English

Suffix -ist

Suffix -ism

Suffix -ness

Common Suffixes in english

Common Suffixes

Noun Suffix


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