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25+ Useful Words We Use with MAKE in English

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Useful words we use with Make! Learn common words used with the verb MAKE to produce sound, things, reactions, mental activities & prepare something.

Common Words We Use with MAKE

Collocations with MAKE: Produce sound

Here is the list of collocations with the verb Make in English with useful example sentences.

  • Make a noise/ a sound

E.g. That you frequently make noise in class will affect the other students.

  • Make a speech

E.g. The company president made a speech about ethics in the workplace.

  • Make a joke

E.g. Harold always make jokes, but no one finds them funny.

  • Make a phone call

E.g.  Kate had to make a phone call during her break.

  • Make a comment/ remark

E.g. The teacher made a few critical comments on my essay.

Collocations with MAKE: Produce things

  • Make money / a profit / a fortune

E.g. Big companies employ smart people to ensure they pay very little tax on the huge profits they make.

  • Make art (music/ paintings / sculptures)

E.g.  He makes music from his basement.

  • Make a mess

E.g. She didn’t like to make a mess.

  • Make love

E.g. Most people feel a bit nervous before making love for the first time.

Collocations with MAKE: Produce reactions

  • Make your eyes water

E.g. The covers will make your eyes water!

  • Make you happy / sad / smile

E.g. He always make you happy so you will miss him a lot.

  • Make you sleepy

E.g. Listen, this song will make you sleepy.

Collocations with MAKE: Mental / intangible activity

  • Make a plan

E.g. We’re making plans to travel to Australia next year.

  • Make a decision / your mind up / a choice

E.g. Have you made a decision yet?

  • Make an arrangement / deal / compromise

E.g. I’m sure we can make an arrangement for that to happen, he said.

  • Make a mistake

E.g. Whenever we make mistakes, our teacher corrects them for us.

  • Make a suggestion / a point

E.g. John always makes himself a cup of tea when he gets to work.

  • Make an effort / an excuse

E.g. You can’t learn a language without making an effort.

  • Make a complaint

E.g. I made a complaint to the manager about the poor service in the restaurant.

  • Make a difference

E.g. Higher wages would make a big difference to our quality of life.

  • Make sure/ peace / believe

E.g. Both countries can rebuild now that they have made peace with each other.

       Our kids love to make believe they’re superheroes with superhuman powers.

  • Make time

E.g. It’s important to make time to read toy our children.

  • Make friend

E.g. Jenny finds it hard to make friends.

Collocations with MAKE: Prepare something

  • Make a cake / (a cup of) tea / coffee

E.g. Can you make a cake in the shape of Australia?

  • Make breakfast / lunch / a sandwich

E.g. I’m making dinner – it’ll be ready in about ten minutes.

  • Make the bed

E.g. I always make the bed before cleaning my teeth, washing my face, combing my hair every morning.

  • Make a booking/ reversation

E.g. Shall I make a reservation for 8 o’clock at that Japanese restaurant?

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Words We Use with MAKE