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35+ Different Ways to Say CALM DOWN in English

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Below is the list of alternative ways to say CALM DOWN in English.

Alternative Ways to Say CALM DOWN

1. I see that you are having a difficult time, let me help you.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. If you need to hit something, hit this pillow.

4. That can be so frustrating, let’s figure this out together.

5. I see that you are mad, how does that feel in your body?

6. Count to 10.

7. Want to squeeze my hand?

8. How about a big hug.

9. Let’s focus on fixing the problem together.

10. If you are feeling sad, you can tell me about it.

11. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do

12. Go with the flow

13. Time heals all wounds

14. What doesn’t kill you builds character

15. This too shall pass

16. It is what it is

Saying CALM DOWN to Your Anxious Teen

1. Tell me about it

2. I’m listening

3. That sounds tough

4. I totally get it.

5. Let’s breathe together.

6. 1 to 10 scale, how horrible is it?

7. What’s the worst that could happen?

8. Let me help

9. Wanna hold my hand?

10. I am here; you are safe.

11. How big is your worry?

12. What do you want to tell your worry?

13. Can you draw it?

14. Let’s change the ending.

15. What other things do you know about (fill in the blank)?

16. Which calming strategy do you want to use?

17. I’m going to take a deep breath.

18. It’s scary AND You’ve conquered this fear before/ You are safe/ You have a plan.

19. I can’t wait to hear about…

20. What do you need from me?

21. This feeling will pass.

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Ways to Say CALM DOWN

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