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Do You Make These Interesting Sounds When Speaking?

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Do you often make these sounds when speaking? Below is the list of interesting sounds that you could use in your daily conversation.

Common Sounds When Speaking

Ahem = A short cough to gain attention

Aww = Expresses adoration

Boo = To scare somebody

Boo-ya = Triumph

Eek = Unpleasantly surprised

Erm = Don’t know what to say

Ha = Joy, triumph

Ha-ha = Laughter

Hey = Call for attention

Hmm = Skepticism, confusion

Huh? = Repeat it, please

Hooray = Triumph, happiness

Ick = Disgust

Mmm = Pleasure

Mwah = Loud kiss in the air

Oh-oh = Something bad is about to happen

Oops = Error

Ouch = Pain

Pff = Disappointment

Phew = Disappears suddenly

Psst = Be quiet

Shhh = Be quiet

Tsk – tsk = Disapproval

Ugh = Disgust

Uh-huh = Agreement

Uh-uh = Refusal

Whee = I’m  so excited

Whoa = Surprise

Woo –hoo = Excitement

Wow = Surprise

Yay = Well done!

Yikes = Concern

Yoo-hoo = Attracts attention

Yuck = Disgust

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Sounds When Speaking