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English for Business: Important Business English Vocabulary & Terms

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Business English Vocabulary! Business English is a specialized area of English relating to the language used in business. It is an important field for EFL learners. Learn useful vocabulary and terms about business English in the list below.

Business English Vocabulary and Terms

“Money & Finance” Vocabulary

  • Banknote

Piece of paper money

  • Budget

Amount of money available or needed for a specific use

  • Cashier

A person dealing with cash transactions in a bank, shop, etc.

  • Loan

An amount of money that a person, business or country can borrow, especially from a bank

  • Pretty Cash

Small amount of cash available for everyday expense

  • Currency

The money used in a country

  • Lend

Give or allow the use of money, which must be returned, usually with interest.

  • Borrow

Obtain money which must be returned.

Some Important Business Terms

  • Hourly

Happening every hour.

  • Quarterly

Done or produced four times a year.

  • Monthly

Happening once a month.

  • Weekly

Happening every week.

  • Annual

Happening once a year.

  • Biannual

Happening twice a year.

Business Acronyms and Finance Abbreviations

Business Abbreviations & Acronyms

List of common abbreviations & acronyms relating to business in English:

  • VAT  – Value Added Tax
  • a/c – account
  • GMT – Greenwich mean time
  • attn. – for the attention of
  • e.g. – For example
  • Ltd – Limited
  • VIP – Very Important Person
  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product
  • CC  – copy to
  • ASAP – As Soon As Possible
  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer
  • PA – Personal Assistant
  • PRO – Public Relations Officer
  • CIO – Chief Information Officer
  • Director R&D – Director of Research and Development
  • HRM – Human Resources Manager

“Employment & Jobs” Vocabulary

  • Assessment

Evaluation of one’s abilities

  • Resign

Leave a Job voluntarily

  • Employee

Person who works for a firm or a company

  • Fire

To dismiss from a Job

  • Maternity Leave

Period of absence for a female employee when having a baby

  • Hire

Employ or take on personnel in a company

  • Make redundant

Dismiss for economic reasons

  • Employers

Person or firm who employs people

  • Employee

Someone who is paid to work for someone else

  • Worker

Someone who does jobs, especially low ranking job.

  • Co-worker

Someone who works with you and has a similar position.

  • Home worker

Someone who does their job in their home.

  • Part-time

Someone who has a part-time job, works for only parts of each day or week

  • Colleague

Someone who works with you, used especially by professional people

Business English Vocabulary and Terms | Image

Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary



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