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Movement Words: Verbs of Body Movement and Motion

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Movement words are a crucial part of our daily communication, allowing us to express ourselves in a dynamic and engaging way. Whether we’re describing a dance routine, recounting a thrilling sports match, or simply telling a story, movement words help us to paint a vivid picture in the minds of our listeners or readers. In this article, we’ll explore the power of movement words and how they can be used to enhance our communication skills. From the subtle nuances of body language to the energetic rhythms of action verbs, we’ll delve into the world of movement words and discover the many ways in which they can enrich our language and our lives.

Movement Words

What Are Movement Words

Movement words are verbs and other descriptive words that relate to physical motion or action. They can be used to describe a wide range of movements, from the subtle gestures of body language to the energetic movements of sports or dance. Some common examples of movement words include run, jump, dance, crawl, twist, spin, and slide. Movement words are an important part of our language and can be used to create vivid and engaging descriptions that capture the attention of our listeners or readers.

Words of Motion with Meanings

Here is a table of movement words with their meanings:

Movement Word Meaning
Amble To walk leisurely
Bend To curve or flex
Bounce To spring back after hitting a surface
Break To separate into pieces
Carry To move something from one place to another
Cartwheel A sideways rotating movement with arms and legs extended
Catch To grab or receive something that is thrown or tossed
Clap To strike the palms of the hands together
Crawl To move forward on hands and knees
Cry To shed tears
Dance To move rhythmically to music
Dart To move quickly and suddenly
Dive To jump headfirst into water
Drag To pull something along the ground
Drop To let something fall
Hit To strike with force
Hold To keep something in one’s grasp
Jog To run at a slow and steady pace
Jump To propel oneself off the ground
Kick To strike with the foot
Kneel To rest on one or both knees
Laugh To express amusement
Lean To incline or rest against something
Leap To jump a long distance
Lie down To recline or rest in a horizontal position
Lift To raise something up
Limp To walk with difficulty, often due to injury
Run To move quickly on foot
Shuffle To walk with small steps
Slide To move smoothly along a surface
Spin To rotate rapidly
Stand To be in an upright position
Step To move one foot after the other
Stomp To strike the ground with force
Stride To walk with long steps
Swim To move through water using one’s arms and legs
Swing To move back and forth or from side to side
Walk To move forward on foot at a moderate pace
Wave To move one’s hand back and forth
Wink To close and open one eye quickly
Wriggle To move with quick, twisting motions

Verbs of Motion with Examples

Here is a table of movement words with examples:

Movement Word Examples
Amble The couple ambled through the park.
Bend She bent down to pick up the coin.
Bounce The ball bounced off the wall.
Break He broke the vase by accident.
Carry She carried the heavy box up the stairs.
Cartwheel The gymnast performed a perfect cartwheel.
Catch He caught the ball with one hand.
Clap The audience clapped at the end of the performance.
Crawl The baby crawled across the floor.
Cry She cried when she heard the sad news.
Dance They danced all night at the party.
Dart The rabbit darted across the field.
Dive He dived into the pool from the high dive.
Drag She dragged the heavy suitcase behind her.
Drop He dropped the pencil on the floor.
Hit She hit the ball with the racket.
Hold He held the door open for her.
Jog They jogged around the park every morning.
Jump The cat jumped over the fence.
Kick He kicked the soccer ball into the goal.
Kneel She knelt down to tie her shoe.
Laugh They laughed at the funny joke.
Lean He leaned against the wall to rest.
Leap The deer leaped over the fence.
Lie down She lay down on the couch to take a nap.
Lift He lifted the heavy weight with ease.
Limp He limped after injuring his ankle.
Run They ran a marathon together.
Shuffle The old man shuffled slowly down the street.
Slide The children slid down the slide at the playground.
Spin The top spun around on the ground.
Stand She stood in line for the concert tickets.
Step He stepped carefully over the puddle.
Stomp The toddler stomped his feet in excitement.
Stride The model strode confidently down the runway.
Swim They swam across the lake to the other side.
Swing The pendulum swung back and forth.


Verbs of Body Movement | Images

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