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The Face Idioms in English

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Learn The Face Idioms in English! The following lesson provides many useful expressions and idioms about the face with ESL images.

An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words’ denotations would suggest.

The Face Idioms

1. Pull a long face

2. Off the face of the earth

3. Get egg on the face

4. Face the music

5. Lose face

6. Be written all over one’s face

7. Blue in the face

8. Keep a straight face

9. Save face

10. Slap in the face

11. Have a wide face

12. Face the facts

The Face Idioms in English

Hair Idioms

1. Get in someone’s hair

2. Hang by a hair

3. The hair of the dog

4. Pull your hair out

5. Put hairs on your chest

6. Let your hair down

7. Bad hair day

8. Split hair

Eyes Idioms

1. All eyes are on (someone or something)

2. Can’t believe one’s eyes

3. Catch (someone’s) eye

4. Give (someone) the eye

5. Have eyes bigger than one’s stomach

6. Turn a blind eye

7. Apple of one’s eye

8. See eye to eye

9. Be easy on the eye

10. Cry your eyes out

11. A sight for sore eyes

12. Be eagle-eyed

13. Pull the wool over someone’s eyes

14. Have a bird’s eye view

15. Keep an eye on

Ears Idioms

1. Be all ears

2. Not believe your ears

3. Go in one ear and out the other

4. Turn a deaf ear to

5. Lend an ear to

6. Wet behind the ears

7. Music to my ears

8. Play it by ear

The Face Idioms in English

Nose Idioms

1. Powder one’s nose

2. Get up someone’s nose

3. Keep your nose to the grindstone

4. See no further than the end of one’s nose

5. Keep nose out of business

6. Pay through the nose

7. Turn up one’s nose

8. Blow one’s nose

Mouth Idioms

1. Have a big mouth

2. From the horse’s mouth

3. Take the words out of mouth

4. Live from hand to mouth

5. Be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

6. Leave a bad taste in the mouth

7. Have a plum in your mouth

8. Look a gift horse in the mouth

9. Foam at the mouth

10. Straight from the horse’s mouth

11. Down in the mouth

Chin Idioms

1. Keep one’s chin up

2. Take it on the chin

3. Chuck someone under the chin

4. Wag one’s chin

5. Make chin music


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