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List of 50+ Verbs Followed by Infinitives in English

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Verbs followed by infinitives are an important aspect of English grammar that can sometimes be challenging for language learners. An infinitive is a verb form that starts with “to” and is used as a noun, adjective, or adverb in a sentence. Certain verbs require an infinitive as their object, while others can be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund. Understanding which verbs are followed by infinitives and how to use them correctly can greatly improve your English fluency and communication skills.

Following is a list of verbs followed by infinitives in English with example sentences to help you improve your English grammar.

Verbs Followed by Infinitives

Verbs Followed by Infinitives with Meanings

Here’s a table of common verbs followed by infinitives with their meanings:

Verb Meaning
agree Consent to do something
aim Intend or plan to do something
appear Seem to do something
ask Request to do something
attempt Try to do something
choose Decide to do something
claim State to do something
dare Challenge or provoke to do something
decide Make a choice to do something
demand Insist on doing something
expect Anticipate or hope to do something
fail Not succeed in doing something
hesitate Pause before doing something
hope Wish or desire to do something
learn Discover how to do something
manage Succeed in doing something
need Require to do something
offer Propose to do something
plan Arrange or intend to do something
prefer Like or favor to do something
prepare Get ready to do something
promise Commit to do something
refuse Decline to do something
seem Appear to do something
tend Have a tendency to do something
threaten Intend to harm or punish by doing something
want Desire or wish to do something
wish Desire or hope to do something

Verbs Followed by Infinitives with Examples

Here’s a table of common verbs followed by infinitives with examples:

Verb Example Sentence
agree She agreed to help me with my project.
aim He aims to become a doctor someday.
appear He appears to be very tired.
ask She asked to borrow my book.
attempt They attempted to climb the mountain.
choose She chose to study abroad for a semester.
claim He claimed to have seen a UFO.
dare He dared to jump off the high dive.
decide We decided to go to the beach instead of the park.
demand They demanded to speak to the manager.
expect She expects to graduate next year.
fail He failed to complete the assignment on time.
hesitate She hesitated to speak in front of the class.
hope I hope to visit Paris someday.
learn He learned to play the guitar when he was young.
manage She managed to finish the race despite her injury.
need We need to buy groceries for the week.
offer He offered to give me a ride home.
plan We planned to have a picnic in the park.
prefer She prefers to drink tea instead of coffee.
prepare He prepared to give a presentation to the board.
promise She promised to call me later.
refuse They refused to let me enter without a ticket.
seem He seems to be very happy today.
tend She tends to overthink things too much.
threaten He threatened to call the police if they didn’t leave.
want I want to learn how to speak Spanish fluently.
wish She wished to be a famous singer when she was younger.

List of Verbs Followed by Infinitives

  • agree
  • appear
  • arrange
  • ask
  • attempt
  • beg
  • care
  • choose
  • dare
  • decide
  • demand
  • desire
  • expect
  • fail
  • forget
  • hate
  • hope
  • hurry
  • intend
  • invite
  • learn
  • like
  • love
  • need
  • offer
  • plan
  • prepare
  • pretend
  • promise
  • refuse
  • regret
  • remember
  • report
  • say
  • see
  • seem
  • should
  • strive
  • swear
  • threaten
  • try
  • want
  • wish


Verbs followed by gerunds

List of Verbs Followed by Infinitives | Picture

Infinitives: List of 50+ Verbs Followed by Infinitives in English


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