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Useful Phrasal Verbs with GO

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Phrasal verbs with go can be used to express various actions and movements. Some examples include “go up,” which can mean to increase or rise, “go out,” which can mean to leave a place or stop functioning, and “go on,” which can mean to continue or happen. These phrases can also be used in idiomatic expressions, such as “go off the rails,” meaning to deviate from a plan or course of action. It’s important to note that phrasal verbs can often have multiple meanings and uses, and the context in which they are used is crucial for determining their correct interpretation.

Phrasal Verbs with Go

  • Go up – increase or rise
  • Go out – leave a place or stop functioning
  • Go on – continue or happen
  • Go away – leave or depart
  • Go back – return to a previous place or state
  • Go down – decrease or fall
  • Go in – enter a building or room
  • Go over – review or examine
  • Go through – experience or endure
  • Go off – explode or sound
  • Go round – circulate or distribute
  • Go out with – date or be in a romantic relationship with
  • Go against – oppose or be in conflict with
  • Go for – attempt or try
  • Go after – pursue or chase
  • Go ahead – proceed or continue
  • Go along – accompany or participate
  • Go around – circulate or spread
  • Go by – pass or elapse
  • Go in for – participate or engage in
  • Go off the rails – deviate from a plan or course of action.
  • Go on a trip – take a journey or vacation
  • Go to bed – go to sleep
  • Go to work – start a work day
  • Go through with – carry out or complete a plan or action
  • Go without – do without or abstain from
  • Go out of – leave a place or stop doing something
  • Go in on – participate or invest in
  • Go for broke – take a risk or gamble everything.
  • Go to extremes – take drastic or extreme measures.

Phrasal Verbs with Go | Images

Phrasal Verbs with GO

Phrasal Verbs with GO

Phrasal Verbs Quiz

1. It is generally accepted that in today’s society women have access ________ education and can promote themselves much more easily than years ago.

a. to                                               b. up                            c. on                            d. for

2. It took women a long time to struggle ________ the right to vote.

a. for                                 b. with                                     c. against                     d. upon

3. I think women are suited ________ many important things, besides childbearing and homemaking.

a. of                                               b. on                            c. for                           d. about

4. Women are increasingly involved ________ the public life.

a. of                                               b. in                             c. with                                     d. from

5. If you have an old blanket, ________ it along so that we have something to sit on at the beach.

a. bring                             b. go                            c. put                           d. keep

6. Although the team was both mentally and physically exhausted, they ________ on walking.

a. stopped              b. kept                                    c. took                                     d. put

7. Before the plane ________ off, the flight attendant told everyone to fasten their seat belts and put their chairs in an upright position.

a. woke                              b. brought                   c. kept                                     d. took

8. Don’t forget to ________ your gloves on. It is cold outside.

a. let                                              b. make                                   c. put                         d. fix

9. If you don’t pay your rent, your landlord is going to kick you out!

a. lend you some money               b. play football with you

c. give you a kick                                                 d. force you to leave

10. Yesterday I ran into Sam at the grocery store. I had not seen him for years.

a. met        b. visited                     c. said goodbye to                   d. made friends with

11. Let’s go over that report again before we submit it.

a. dictate                           b. print                                    c. read carefully         d. type

12. I will not stand for your bad attitude any longer.

a. like                                b. tolerate                   c. mean                                   d. care

13. Everything is _______ you. I cannot make _______ my mind yet.

a. out off / on                    b. up to / up                c. away from / for       d. on for / off

14. There is no food left. Someone must have eaten it _______.

a. out                                 b. up                            c. off                           d. along

15. The explorers made a fire to _______ off wild animals.

a. get                                 b. keep                                    c. take                         d. go


  1. A
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. B
  7. D
  8. C
  9. D
  10. A
  11. C
  12. B
  13. B
  14. B
  15. B